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37 Additional Roofing Pictures to Use On Your DFY Site or Client Sites
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This pack is not a typical stock photo pack!

Jeanne's husband (a professional photographer) took these for her to use for clients.

Now you have access to 37 images you can use on leadgen or client websites!

10 Roofer Hot Sheets & Blog Posts
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-Educate Your Prospects AND Position Yourself as an Authority on the roofing industry

-Ready to use or editable to meet your specific needs...

-Can be used as blog posts, emails, social media, lead magnets, reports and even print!
High Converting Direct Mail Sales Letter
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The exact direct mail prospecting letter Jeanne uses to sell her Google services.

Use as is or a template for your own direct mail letters.
Bullet Proof Google Prospect Email
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You don't have to start from scratch. Our templates are proven to convert!

Use this template to sell Google My Business Listing Service and put more money in your pocket by the end of the week!

4 Done-For-You
Professional Prospecting Postcards 
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These are the postcards Jeanne uses to get more deals.

You get complete Photoshop Files. You can edit or hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

These professionally created postcards do the selling for you!
Our Own Facebook Prospecting Email
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DFY HIGH CONVERTING email template.

Use this template to sell Facebook Page Services.

Roofers are prime prospects for social media services. This template is a great foot-in-the-door.

Roofer Lead Magnet Report 
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Professionally written report.

This is a 1535 word report written by Jeanne herself.

Use as opt-in bait for your autoresponder or put it right on your website or FB page!

Jeanne wrote for her business, so you know it works!  

Plus, You Get Instant Access To:
4 Professional Lead Generation Videos
from Jeanne's Business
These videos are the perfect up-sell to your roofer clients. Add them to client websites, Youtube, Social Media, etc.

Easily editable with standard video editing software or do what Jeanne does and use Fiverr to have them edited.
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